We at Best Bar None in partnership with our sponsors  we are aiming to recognise all the great work that the Sheffield night time economy brings to Sheffield.

To support the celebration and to say thank you, BBN is running a month-long social media campaign #LoveSheffieldNights. There will also be a number of articles, press releases going out that will provide insight, behind the scenes, a look into best practice that BBN accredited premises deliver 365 days of the year to ensure the safety of customers coming into the city and using the NTE.

#LoveSheffieldNights will run alongside the popular People’s Choice Awards where you have the opportunity to get your loyal customers to vote you as their best bar, club or nightclub in Sheffield, so even if you didn’t make it into the Top Five you have another chance at getting your premises recognised.

#LoveSheffieldNights – how it works

Any licensed premises operating in Sheffield can get involved in this campaign, however,only the BBN accredited premises will be provided with props and information on how you can make the most of the campaign in your premises. The team from GOSH Promotions will be visiting all BBN accredited venues in the New Year to provide you with all the resources you need.

We are launching the campaign on Thursday 10th January and there is no end date, so we have the opportunity to keep this campaign going for as long as we can, let’s how far we can take this.

The campaign #LoveSheffieldNights aims to get as many customers to add the hashtag #LoveSheffieldNights to all their pictures/selfies that they take during their night out and shout about why they love it and why they keep coming back!